Introducing new Atlanta Braves blog

Freddie Freeman is currently leading Yasiel Puig in the final man vote for the All-Star Game with good reason: The Atlanta Braves have a large, fervent fan base. That's why we're glad to introduce a new blog on the Braves to the SweetSpot network: gondeee, run by Martin Gandy, longtime proprietor of the popular Talking Chop blog on the Braves.

As Martin writes on his new blog, "I've been blogging about the Atlanta Braves since the 2005 off-season at Talking Chop. In 2013 I decided to step away from running a big and involved site like TC and get back to a simpler style of writing about the Braves. I feel that blogging should have a personality to it, and while TC was a great site, it had gotten so big and corporate that it had lost its personality.

My objective is to bring my readers daily news and notes from the entire Braves organization. I try to point out things that might have been missed about the Major League team, and highlight the important players and prospects at each level of the minors."

A couple recent pieces to check out:

Welcome aboard, Martin. Now, about that All-Star vote ...