Will any manager get fired this year?

Eric Karabell and myself talked about this briefly on the Baseball Tonight podcast, but no managers have been fired this season; the last time we went an entire season without a firing was 2006. Last year, only two managers were fired during the season -- Brad Mills of the Astros and Manny Acta of the Indians (he was canned with six games remaining).

At this point, it seems unlikely anybody gets fired. But that doesn't mean some guys won't be on the hot seat at season's end. We know Davey Johnson isn't going to return as Nationals' manager, but here are five guys who may need a strong finish to save their jobs:

Eric Wedge, Mariners

Wedge suffered a minor stroke in late July and is currently away from the team as he seeks medical advice and treatment, and while we hope he returns to good health, his situation is precarious regardless of his health. The Mariners had hoped to crack .500 this year but the team's 54-63 record means that's unlikely to happen. Wedge may take the fall for the failures of youngsters Dustin Ackley and Jesus Montero. Considering the contracts of Wedge and GM Jack Zduriencik both expire after this season, it could be a completely new regime in Seattle next year.

Mike Scioscia, Angels

He's signed through 2018 at $5 million a year, with an opt-out clause after 2015, so he seems safe. On the other hand, it's been two straight hugely disappointing seasons for the Angels and this will now be four straight seasons without making the playoffs despite some of the highest payrolls in the majors.

Ron Roenicke, Brewers

He was second in the NL Manager of the Year voting as a rookie skipper in 2011, but the Brewers' downward slide from division champ to division chump could spell the end of his stay if the Brewers decide to eat his 2014 salary.

Charlie Manuel, Phillies

Not many believe Manuel will return next year, given his age (he turns 70 in January), the Phillies' record and his expiring contract. Third-base coach Ryne Sandberg is the apparent manager-in-waiting, so it seems more a matter if Manuel will retire or just not have his contract renewed. In other words, don't expect him to be "fired."

Dusty Baker, Reds

Baker signed a two-year extension last October, but does that mean he's safe? While the Reds will almost certainly make the playoffs, it will likely be as a wild card and not division winner. Another playoff trip that falls short of the NLCS or World Series could lead GM Walt Jocketty to making a change.