Monday Mendozas

Today's links were not subject to the approval of the National Football League or its franchises ...
• Well, here's an odd twist. The guy who wrote Thurman Munson's autobiography 30 years ago has now written a biography of Munson. I have high hopes, because author Marty Appel can spin a tale.

• Should the Cubs waive Carlos Zambrano? Phil Rogers thinks so.

• My friends tell me this is a Mendoza ... and accidentally led me to this nifty map!

• And speaking of maps, a friend points out that there should be a map like this for every baseball city.

• You have to love Big Papi's take on playing first base: "I was pretty good at defense until I got humongous."

• It's actually sort of stunning how awful Austin Kearns has been these last two seasons. Ben Goessling is right: the Nationals probably oughtta just release the guy. And we'll always sort of wonder what happened.

• Well, here's a new and exceptionally odd argument.

• You know, before we get all mushy and dew-eyed about the Nolan Ryan Approach to Developing Young Pitchers, let's see how this approach works.