Wednesday Wangdoodles

Today's links should be wrapped in a bow with best wishes for a Happy Canada Day (and a moment of silence for les Expos) ...
• Dave Cameron agrees with my take on the Milledge-Morgan deal, though not for precisely the same reasons. (Oh, and speaking of Cameron: He asked the Mariners to trade for Ryan Langerhans ... and six days later they did it. Just saying.

• I absolutely adore Peter Abraham's take on Joba Chamberlain: "He's too good to be boring."

• And I like Ken Tremendous's tweet on the Red Sox's shocking loss Tuesday night: "I choose to think of tonight's events as simply the Sox going down -1 in run differential."

• Nice little debate (and poll) over at Big League Stew.

• All these years, I thought Peter Golenbock was a diehard Yankees fan, and now it turns out that he's got another passion.

• You don't need to read the whole thing, but the headline alone is worth a peek.

• Posnanski says this isn't about the Royals ... but really it is, and we learn that 1) Mike Jacobs has one RBI in his last 101 plate appearances, 2) the Royals are the worst baserunners in the majors, by far, and 3) the offense gets worse every year, even though the people making the big decisions are just unbelievably bright and talented. Would JoePo lie to you?

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