Wangdoodles: Big Stein Edition

Today's links are still waiting for Larry David's take ...

  • It's fun to read Dave Anderson's report about the firing of Dick Howser 30 years ago, followed by Anderson's reaction yesterday.

  • Alex Belth has one of the better overviews you'll find. (Oh, and for those of you who weren't there, the word Steinbrenner used to describe Hideki Irabu -- the word that nobody will publish because its other pronunciation has a profane meaning -- rhymes with fussy).

  • As I mentioned yesterday, I once wrote a short biography of Steinbrenner, using only quotes. What I didn't mention is that the thing was never published, and won't be; last I knew, the only existing copy was on a floppy disk, packed off to a recycling center. Anyway, it wasn't any great loss, though I still think the concept is worthwhile. And in a similar vein, Craig has collected a short but representative list of quotes from the Boss, himself.

  • Keith Olbermann met Steinbrenner when Olbermann was 14, interviewed him for 30 years, and always got along with him.

  • A fair number of Steinbrenner's obituarists have mentioned his charitable acts, and here's a good example from a former batboy.

  • If anyone has cause to remember Steinbrenner less than fondly, it's Dave Winfield. Actually, a lot of people have cause to remember Steinbrenner less than fondly, and I suspect that many of them still do. But Winfield racks up some karma points for being so magnanimous.

  • And perhaps, 24 hours later, we should give the final words to our most respected journalistic voice.