Remember Yankee Stadium's wind tunnel?

When the new Yankee Stadium opened in 2009, home runs were flying out early in the season at seemingly ridiculous numbers. Michael Eder of It's About the Money looks back at the early concerns and what's happened since. Namely, while the new park is certainly beneficial for left-handed power hitters, it didn't turn into Coors Field east:

The wind tunnel conditions in Yankee stadium were likened to the altitude issues in Coors Field. Though we’re not dealing with wind, the Rockies undoubtedly benefit from their home ballpark by gaining a ton of extra base hits that should be outs or singles. Looking over the same time span, the Rockies have hit 1,501 extra base hits at home, while on the road they’ve hit just 1,114. Where the Yankees had just two more extra base hits at their home ballpark over the last five seasons, the Rockies have 387.

Basically, while Yankee Stadium creates more home runs due to the short porch in right field, it comes at the expense of doubles and triples. Hitters may also adjust their swings (for a better or for worse). Robinson Cano was talented enough to pull the ball more at Yankee Stadium but hit more doubles in the gaps on the road. Overall, the new Yankee Stadium is still a slight hitter's park, but not as extreme as it looked back in April of 2009.