Monday Mendozas

Today's links are still recovering from the twin perils of late nights and intellectual over-stimulation at the SABR40 ...

  • Is one of Cuba's greatest umpires good enough to work in America? You bet! Well, sort of.

  • Two or three years ago, this might have qualified as big news. Now it just seems like a cry for help.

  • Great stuff from Mark Cuban's blog about his pursuit of the Rangers. Highlight: "I tend to never look at the glass as being half empty or half full. I look to see who is pouring the water and to deal with them. Not the media. I am pretty confident we would have been approved."

  • Hey, so it's actually Larry Granillo, not Granville. Nobody's perfect, and anyway we know him as Wezen-ball. It's just nice to see Larry and some of his fellow SABRites get some newspaper love.

  • Ooo, juicy: the Pirates fired a couple of coaches for disloyalty to the manager. At least if you believe the manager.

  • As they have for some time now, the standings match the run differentials almost perfectly. How almost perfectly? If you change the results of three games this season, there wouldn't be any almost about it. Only three teams are out of place -- or six, if you prefer -- and in all three cases, one more win in the last four months would have them in their proper spot.

  • Remember Garret Anderson's drive for 3,000 hits? It's been indefinitely postponed. Seriously, jerks like me have been running down Anderson ever since he started making big money (which he doesn't anymore). But nobody could have guessed he would struggle like he has this year.