Some instant replay numbers

How is instant replay going? I mean, beyond the arguments, delays, unhappy managers and confusing home-plate collisions.

Here some numbers from ESPN Stats & Information, entering Wednesday’s games:

  • There have been 240 replays; 112 (47 percent) have been overturned.

  • The umpires have initiated 45 of those, with nine (20 percent) overturned.

  • The most reviewed play has been a force play, with 111 reviews -- 85 of those at first base. Tag plays have seen 66 reviews, with 33 of those coming at second base (and 13 at home plate).

  • There have been 15 reviews on home-plate collisions.

  • Cubs manager Rick Renteria has challenged the most calls: 15 (winning seven of those challenges). The next highest totals belong to Clint Hurdle of the Pirates (7-for-12) and Joe Maddon of the Rays (4-for-12).

  • Atlanta’s Fredi Gonzalez and San Diego’s Bud Black are a perfect 4-for-4 on challenges.

  • The fewest challenges: Buck Showalter (Orioles), Ron Gardenhire (Twins), Terry Collins (Mets) and Mike Matheny (Cardinals) with just three each.

  • The worst percentage is Toronto’s John Gibbons, who is 1-for-7.

  • Umpires: CB Brucknor and Doug Eddings have had the most overturns, with four apiece.

  • Preseason favorite Angel Hernandez has had three overturns, as have other betting favorites Cowboy Joe West and Bob Davidson.