Poll: Best 3-4 combo in the majors

During today's Power Rankings video chat with Eric Karabell, we mentioned that Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion of the Blue Jays may be the best 3-4 combo in the majors. But are they?

Let's put it to a poll.

Bautista-Encarnacion, Blue Jays

Encarnacion had a slow start but he's heating up and is up to six home runs, on the heels of hitting 78 the past two seasons. Bautista has nine home runs and .430 OBP.

Chris Davis-Adam Jones, Orioles

Davis just returned from a DL stint but was back in his No. 3 spot (Buck Showalter sometimes reverses them). The two combined for 86 home runs last season.

David Ortiz-Mike Napoli, Red Sox

Ortiz is hitting .267/.370/.481 with seven home runs while Napoli is hitting .274/.408/.460 with five homers.

Carlos Gonzalez-Troy Tulowitzki, Rockies

Tulo has spent most of the season hitting third and CarGo cleanup, but manager Walt Weiss switched their spots in the lineup a week ago, perhaps to help Gonzalez (.264/.310/.486) get going. Or something.

Miguel Cabrera-Victor Martinez, Tigers

Cabrera has 29 RBIs in 33 games, not bad for a guy off to a slow start (for him), Martinez is raking at .325 with eight home runs and has just six strikeouts in 138 plate appearances.

Also considered: Hanley Ramirez-Adrian Gonzalez, Dodgers; Josh Donaldson-Brandon Moss, A's.