Monday Mendozas

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• The "Moneyball" movie's on life support? No matter. According to Andrew Dansby, the next great baseball movie will soon be showing up on your TV (if you have the Home Box on your TV).

• The greatest-hitting team in major league history? Yes, it's a trick question. But the answer is intriguing, nonetheless.

• Six years after being the fourth pick in the draft -- and nearly two years after his last appearance in the majors, Tim Stauffer started against the Giants on Saturday. He didn't get the win, but it's still a feel-good story as he made the second-best start of his career (this one, more than four years ago, was slightly better).

• No, Mike Schmidt was not the greatest player ever. He certainly wasn't greater than Willie Mays, to name just one. But he was -- as Allen Barra goes a tad overboard in reminding us -- pretty great.

• A useful reminder from Bleacher Report's Dean Hybl: Jonathan Sanchez, Anibal Sanchez, and Clay Buchholz all have thrown no-hitters; neither Tom Glavine nor Roger Clemens nor Greg Maddux ever did.

This is just funny.

• So is this. And this.

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