ICYMI: SweetSpot hits of the week

Nine weeks into the season and this we know: Toronto looks fantastic with Edwin Encarnacion tearing up the place, the Astros and George Springer are feeling great, Boston got healthy feasting on the Braves, the Giants are quietly pulling away in the NL West and, well, the Royals are sliding. Happy reading -- then get outside and enjoy the nice weather, will ya?

Arizona Diamondbacks: Inside the 'Zona

Home runs continue to haunt the Diamondbacks: Last season, D-backs pitchers were burned by home runs, and D-backs hitters didn't hit them. Jeff Wiser explains that despite good intentions, the team's offseason moves haven't helped. Follow on Twitter: @OutfieldGrass24.

Atlanta Braves: Chop County

At long last, La Stella: The Braves finally called up a second baseman who can hit and get on base. Martin Gandy tells us what to expect as the Tommy La Stella era begins in Atlanta. Follow on Twitter: @gondeee.

Baltimore Orioles: Camden Depot

Receivers in name only: As the draft approaches, Jon Shepherd looks into how well catchers who are poor defenders at the time of the draft can improve behind the plate. Several MLB organizations ignore these catchers and they just might be correct in doing so. Follow on Twitter: @CamdenDepot.

Boston Red Sox: Fire Brand of the American League

Time for reinforcements: With the Red Sox reeling after a brutal 10-game losing streak, Daniel Poarch explores the team’s options going forward. Follow on Twitter: @PoarchDaniel.

Cleveland Indians: It's Pronounced Lajaway

It's Pronounced Podcast: Alex Kaufman launches IPL's new podcast with the help of fellow Tribe bloggers Stephanie Liscio and Adam Hintz. Follow on Twitter: @IPLajaway.

Colorado Rockies: Rockies Zingers

Physical and mental approach to pitching -- interview with Jason Hirsh: Richard Bergstrom interviews former Rockies pitcher Jason Hirsh about arm care, balance techniques and the mental approach he used as a major leaguer and teaches to students at his pitching academy. Follow on Twitter: @rockieszingers.

Minnesota Twins: Twins Daily

Twins playing over their heads, but that's OK: The Twins are hanging around .500 despite the fact that they're not playing all that well. Nick Nelson has a positive outlook going forward. Follow on Twitter: @TwinsDaily.

New York Yankees: It's About The Money

Could the Yankees' outfield defense be a detriment? While a lot of articles have been written with regards to the Yankees' shaky infield defense, Michael Eder takes a look at their outfield defense. Could it be a problem as well? Follow on Twitter: @edermik.

Bottom of the order coming up big: Guys like Ichiro Suzuki, Brian Roberts and Brendan Ryan have been making noise at the bottom of the Yankees' lineup and Brad Vietrogoski shows you what they've been doing so far. Follow on Twitter: @IIATMS.

St. Louis Cardinals: Fungoes

Is Lance Lynn pitching to contact? Cardinals pitcher Lance Lynn tossed his first career shutout against the Yankees this week. But he did so with only two strikeouts. Does that mean he is becoming a pitch-to-contact guy? Follow on Twitter: @fungoes.

Texas Rangers: One Strike Away

Some thoughts on Prince Fielder: Brandon Land discusses Prince Fielder's cervical fusion procedure, and what he has in common with Peyton Manning. Follow on Twitter: @one_strike_away.

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