ICYMI: SweetSpot hits, Week 12

We saw some wonderful performances this week, none better than Clayton Kershaw's nearly perfect no-hitter! The Royals went streaking, Mike Trout did Mike Trout things, and the Yanks got healthy in sweeping the rival BluemJays. Not all was good news, as Max Scherzer threw a dud, which happens, and the Diamondbacks tried to enforce unwritten rules at the expense of the most basic rule of the game: winning. Oh, and Dave asked Four Questions: One, Two, Three, Four.

But I need to make special mention of the loss of the incomparable, forever No. 19, Tony Gwynn, as well as ESPN's own Richard Durrett. Both gone far too early and will be sorely missed.

Arizona Diamondbacks: Inside the 'Zona

Where do the Diamondbacks go from Here? With the D-backs back in last place and the playoffs a pipe dream, Jeff Wiser examines the pros and cons for each of the club's trade deadline options. Follow on Twitter: @OutfieldGrass24.

Chicago White Sox: The Catbird Seat

The White Sox and David Price: Nick Schaefer runs through the probability and feasibility of every contenders' bid to trade for the Rays ace, and works in a Jurassic Park reference. Follow on Twitter: @TheCatbird_Seat.

Colorado Rockies: Rockies Zingers

The emergence of Corey Dickerson: Adam Peterson shows how, why, what and where the Rockies young outfielder is hitting the baseball. Follow on Twitter: @playerTBNL.

Minnesota Twins: Twins Daily

Why Phil Hughes is so good right now: He's become one of the best starters in the American League, and it's not just because he switched to a more favorable ballpark. Parker Hageman digs into the transformation of the former Yankee. Follow on Twitter: @TwinsDaily.

New York Yankees: It's About The Money

An interview with Rudy May: William Tasker had the chance to talk to former Yankee (and Angel/Oriole/Expo) Rudy May for an in-depth and entertaining interview. Follow on Twitter: @FlagrantFan.

What to expect from Chase Whitley in the future: Katie Sharp takes a look at how well Whitley has done so far in the starting rotation and tries to figure what the Yankees should expect from him. Follow on Twitter: @ktsharp.

St. Louis Cardinals: Fungoes

Carlos Martinez not inspiring confidence: The team's No. 2 prospect entering this season got a chance to start this week. Unfortunately, his results weren't much better than his relief work. Is it because he has a problem pitching from the stretch? Follow on Twitter: @fungoes.

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