Padres on verge of offensive history

From John Zoni of ESPN Stats & Information, the worst team batting averages in a month since 1920:

1. Padres, June 2014 -- .175

2. Brewers, April 1972 -- .176

3. Athletics, April 1966 -- .176

4. Indians, April 1943 -- .255

The Padres have one more game in June to set this dubious achievement and face former Padre Mat Latos tonight at Petco Park. Come on out and root on your team to history, Padres fans!

Even those numbers above came in much shorter months. The Padres have played 26 games in June, while the '72 Brewers played 10 in April (they scored 19 runs and allowed just 29 that month), the '66 A's played 12 in April and the '43 Indians played just seven in April. So what the Padres have accomplished, over a longer span, is even more impressive. Or depressing, depending on your rooting interests.

If we look only at teams that played at least 20 games in a month, the "record" belongs to the 1972 Rangers, who hit .180 in September/October. That was a wretched team in a year where pitchers dominated (there was a reason the American League instituted the DH rule in 1973). Those Rangers hit .217 overall and 56 home runs. Only the '68 Yankees, who hit .214, have had a lower average since 1920. The Padres are currently at .212.

What's even more remarkable about the Padres' hitting in June is that since 1920, only four teams have hit under .200 in a month other than April -- those '72 Rangers in September, the 1972 Mets in July (.188), the 1967 Yankees in May (.197) and the 1955 Orioles in June (.188).

So if you've had Padres fans/friends of yours saying, "I've never seen anything like this before," they're right.