Wednesday Wangdoodles

Today's links are crestfallen about what's happened in the American League this month ...

  • I can't figure out if this makes me feel older or younger. But I sure do hate how loud the music is. Oh, and get off my lawn.

  • OK, here's your Question of Day: If this is true -- if larger crowds cause more wins, why? I'll share my guess in the comments, after you've weighed in.

  • As Jim Peltz writes, it's been a bleak season for the Dodgers but they'll always have John Lindsey.

  • Matt Holliday's huge contract? As Jack Moore writes, so far, so good for the Cardinals (except, you know, for missing the playoffs and whatnot).

  • R.J. Anderson is absolutely right. For all the talk about King Felix and CC (and to a lesser degree, David Price), there should still be room for Francisco Liriano in every Cy Young discussion.

  • Boy, those Expos sure got broken up in a hurry.

  • And finally, a couple of gems from our pals over at The Book ... As MGL writes, if we're going to use park factors to evaluate award candidates, let's be smart about it. And as Tango writes, instead of just complaining about WAR (fWar, rWar, or anotherWar), come up with something you like better!