Wednesday Wangdoodles

You might think today's links are ridiculously brilliant. You might think they're preposterously stupid. One thing you can't do: ignore them.
Wallace Matthews says the Wilpons won't fire Omar Minaya because 1) Bernie Madoff stole a truckload of their money, and 2) Minaya's owed $4 million through 2012. Really? I'm 98 percent sure that even post-Madoff, $4 million for the Wilpons is barely even a rounding error. Minaya's as good as gone.

• Speaking of which, here is Adam Rubin's response to Minaya's insinuations. There's been a lot of talk about whether Rubin had a conflict of interest, but I will suggest it's mostly idle speculation until some confidently reports exactly what Rubin's motivations were. Good luck with that. Otherwise, I don't see much wrong with what he did. Mostly, what I see is just a fair piece of solid reportage.

• You might recall that Brian Bannister, a year or so ago, was talking about our beloved BABiP. I couldn't figure how knowing about BABiP could help Bannister, and I don't believe that it did. This year, though? He's talking about PITCHf/x data ... and this time it's helping him, as Bannister has upped his ground-ball rate and cut his home runs allowed. I have to be honest: I didn't think Bannister had enough stuff for his intellect to matter much. He may yet prove me wrong.

• You just gotta love MGL, and for so many reasons.

• From Mental Floss, five baseball-related legal disputes.

• Just in case you initially missed it (as I did): one of the craziest catches ever (even if the umpires didn't know it was a catch).

• Nice stuff about the least powerful power hitters (and a solid explanation for Dustin Pedroia's power outage this season).

• And finally, here's your Sandwich/Puzzle of the Week.