Friday Filberts

Today's links are vacationing near San Francisco, and can't help hoping the Padres pull off a miracle this weekend so there's more baseball on Monday ...

  • With October dawning, Nick Nelson is concerned about Francisco Liriano and Carl Pavano, both of whom have serious injury histories and haven't pitched well lately.

  • Speaking of Nick Nelson, the Platoon Advantage -- as they do most days -- offers a SweetSpot roundup jam-packed with juicy items.

  • Cameras hovering just above the diamond? I'm for them ... exactly until the moment when a game's outcome is impacted because a baseball hits some bit of the apparatus. At that moment, I will argue for ripping the wires down and throwing them into a cauldron of molten lava.

  • I spoke to a working BBWAA member yesterday. He's got an NL MVP ballot, and still hasn't decided between Joey Votto and Albert Pujols. Meanwhile, he's convinced (as I am) that Felix Hernandez is going to win the Cy Young Award. Man, did that happen fast.

  • In the Times, Neil Paine presents one more update on the historic nature of Jose Bautista's power-packed 2010.

  • In the wake of Madison Bumgarner's winning effort against the Diamondbacks yesterday, we present Albert Lyu's microscopic (i.e. PITCHf/x-based) analysis of Bumgarner's pitches.

  • You might remember Matt Walbeck as an offensively challenged catcher with the Twins and Angels. Baseball fans in Altoona are going to remember Walbeck as a winning manager. Now he's looking for work. In the minors, sometimes winning isn't enough.

  • Meanwhile, the Angels just fired scouting director Eddie Bane, and Mark Whicker says all we know is that Bane wasn't fired for lack of performance. Personally, I'm disappointed because Bane seemed like a genuinely nice guy. A few years ago, he invited me -- despite some of the uncharitable things I had written, over the years, about the imprecision of subjective player evaluation -- to address all of his scouts. I have no doubt that Bane will land another job, and I hope he gives me another shot at talking to his people. I know a lot more now about what I don't know, than I did then.