Friday Filberts

Today's links need you a lot more than you need them. So, have a heart, and click a few of them. What, you've got something more important to do? Pshaw.

  • Carson Cistulli's dogged research has revealed five potentially great baseball movies that just never got made. We can dream a little, though.

  • David Laurila interviews Jimmy Wynn, one of the more underrated players ever.

  • I'm pretty sure it's not an elaborate gag, as Baseball Researcher seems to have dug up the first example of baseball players using PEDs.

  • As you know, Portland, Oregon, recently lost its professional baseball team, evicted from its home to make room for a soccer team by the man who owns the soccer team (and, oddly enough, the baseball team as well). Life goes on, and someday baseball will return to the Rose City. In the meantime, though, some good people are out of work, and one of those good people, broadcaster Tim Hagerty, will be at the Winter Meetings next week. If you've got an opening for a talented young radio man, be sure and click on that link and give Tim a listen.

  • Just the other day, I mentioned how crowded the Hall of Fame ballot is this season, and how crowded it's going to be for a long time. Well, just in case you didn't believe me, here's a bit of additional proof.

  • Monday, I wondered aloud why Ted Abernathy didn't pitch in the majors after an excellent 1972 campaign. Well, The Common Man took my curiosity and ran with it, for which I thank The Common Man. I thank him, also, for inspiring a bit of statistical research that led to the discovery of this fascinating character who couldn't find the strike zone even if George Mikan was batting.

  • Because it's that time of the year and I'm feeling particularly charitable, I'm happy to share an amazing investment opportunity with you. Feel free to thank me in your prayers.