Wednesday Wangdoodles

Today's links don't have to mean anything. It's enough that they just are, taking you to another place without a single care in the world ...
• I'm not sure what to make of this. I link, you decide.

• Paul White on the smartest guys who play baseball (as opposed to the guys who play the smartest baseball).

• I'm still trying to process Dayton Moore's new contract, which will pay him a great deal of money in 2011 ... and 2012 ... and 2013 ... and 2014. I don't think he'll actually be the general manager for that many years, because eventually even David Glass' patience will wear thin. But a four-year extension? Anyway, if you really want to know why this is so unfathomable, read Royals Authority, Dugout Central

• Joe Posnanski and Bill James on why losing teams just keep on losing.

• Larry Stone -- with a little help from Mike Scioscia -- examines the Kendry-Morales-for-MVP argument. It's certainly not a joke, even if you don't consider Morales' rock-bottom salary compared to the other candidates. The "problem" is that even if you absolutely must vote for a "run producer" -- that is, a middle-of-the-order guy with power -- on a playoff team, you're probably going to vote first for Mark Teixeira or Miguel Cabrera or Kevin Youkilis, all of whom are playing as well or better than Morales. Still, they're not all that far apart. If Morales finishes strong, he's going to draw some support.

• How has Adam Wainwright become a surprise Cy Young candidate? As Dave Allen notes, it sure ain't his fastball.

• Here's a freak stat for you: Since the 12th of June, Mariano Rivera has exactly driven in as many runs as he's allowed: one apiece (freak stat via Cazzball).

Joe Mauer for MVP? Well, yeah. And yes, respectable people are talking about Zack Greinke as a legitimate Cy Young candidate, even though he'll be lucky to win more than 16 games. So let's listen to Jonah Keri and get unrespectable: Greinke for MVP!

• Speaking of Zack Attack (pending a better nickname), in Monday's Mendozas I asked for a little help. I wanted to know of another pitcher who dominated his league like Greinke's dominated his league this year, but didn't win the Cy Young Award. Well, Rich Lederer came up with a good one: Bert Blyleven in 1973. Which seems somehow fitting.

• Oh, gosh. After all this time, I finally got a good look at the new helmets. I might have to take back all the good things I wrote (and thought) about them.

• This is rich. For months, I've been trying to unload my dozens of old Starting Lineup figures. Every time someone comes to my house, I make him (or her) take at least one of them home. There's one won't let get away, though: my 1996 Jeff Manto, from the "Young Sensations" subset (at the time, Manto was 31). Anyway, in this piece listing the 40 most undeserving Starting Lineup figures ever, my beloved Jeff Manto gets top billing.