Thursday Throneberries

Today's links are just gearing up for the Topic of the Day, more about which later ...

  • I don't know if Steve Buckley and I see eye to eye on the Hall of Fame, but even if he votes for Jack Morris but not Jeff Bagwell, when it comes to making his personal life public he's got my full support.

  • Would Bert Blyleven be in the Hall of Fame without Rich Lederer? You decide ... Here or here. (And there's this, too, if you want to know a little more about what Rich has been up against.)

  • Meanwhile, in an alternate universe where logic is king, a certain intense right-hander is elected to the Hall of Fame with 77 percent of the vote (rather than two).

  • UniWatch presents yet more evidence that no matter how much we think we know, there is always some arcane-but-juicy tidbit of baseball history still out there, just waiting for us.

  • I've had this on the back-burner for a few weeks, but I'm pretty sure that how baseballs are made is ever green.

  • I've seen "ghost tickets" but never even thought about ghost World Series programs (which of course must exist).