Let's move the trade deadline back to Aug. 15

July 31 falls on a Sunday this year, so Major League Baseball is moving the non-waiver trade deadline back a day to Aug. 1. There's no real impact there, of course; I don't think any team is going to change its buying or selling tactics based on one extra game played.

If anything, the only thing we might miss are those moments when a player is removed in the middle of a game and receives hugs in the dugout from all his teammates. Since Sunday games are in the afternoon and Monday games are always at night and the trade deadline comes at 4 p.m. ET, MLB apparently didn't want players being traded and removed while games are still going on.

I'm sure Wilmer Flores approves.

It does raise the question, however, of whether the non-waiver trade deadline should be pushed back to Aug. 15. Remember, until 1986, the non-waiver deadline was actually earlier, on June 15. That limited the ability of teams to make trades, since few teams are "out of it" that early. By the end of July, we're two-thirds of the way through a season, and some teams are still sitting on the fence regarding whether to sell or buy. I'd like to give front offices an extra two weeks to make that decision.

Trades can still be made in August, but players have to clear waivers. Since the July 31 deadline is a somewhat artificial deadline because of this, let's just push back the non-waiver trade deadline and eliminate the waiver period. This has the added benefit of preventing big-market teams from simply taking on a big salary at the end of August to secure a player for the postseason roster (a player has to be in the organization before Sept. 1 to be eligible for the postseason).

So, one trade deadline, much easier for everyone to understand, and as a bonus we get rid of all those "So-and-so has been placed on waivers" stories even though we know he'll never be traded.