Friday Filberts

Did you know that if you click on the highlighted items, you'll make me happy and learn quite a bit more about baseball than if you don't? It's true!
• When Jim Rice looks at Zack Greinke, does he see other skinny-but-dominant right-handers like Bret Saberhagen or Pedro Martinez?


He sees Roger Moret. Seriously.

• Of course, Joe Posnanski's response to Jim Rice's response to Zack Greinke is priceless.

• Check out The Rogue's Baseball Index, a new wiki featuring an "alternative baseball lexicon."

• Dave Allen's prescription for 21-year-old Trevor Cahill, who's having a rough season: throw more fastballs for strikes. Sounds like such a simple thing...

• Did an ATV accident in the spring of 2008 really save Ron Washington's job? According to Jim Reeves, maybe.

• Sky Andrecheck takes a whack at quantifying the nonquantifiable.

• Craig's right: that must be one tough preschool.

• Slate's Emily Yoffe, the Human Guinea Pig, works on a grounds crew.

This was so awesome, once wasn't enough.