Biggest disappointments of 2009

According to Big League's Stew's 'Duk, this year's five most disappointing teams:

1. Chicago Cubs
2. Tampa Bay Rays
3. New York Mets
4. Cleveland Indians
5. Kansas City Royals

About the Royals, 'Duk writes:

    Not every disappointing team needs to be tabbed as a preseason favorite to be ranked as a failure. The 2009 Royals were said by some to be "this year's Rays" and a 18-12 start seemed to back those hunches up. Normalcy, however, quickly returned to Kauffman Stadium and the Royals plunged to their usual spot at the bottom of the American League. A good September (14-11) will again have the prognosticators predicting a better future for the 2010 Royals, but we'll believe it when we see it.

Well, OK. I get the impulse to mix things up a bit, and it's true that hearts went pitty-pat -- including even mine, just a little bit -- when the Royals got off to that hot start. But I don't think the Royals make a real list of the most disappointing teams unless we go more than five deep.
My list would have the Mets at the top instead of the Cubs, because the Mets a) figured to win as many games this season as the Cubs, and b) are going to wind up winning far fewer. The Cubs do belong here, though, as do the Rays and the Indians. For the fifth slot, I will nominate the Arizona Diamondbacks. Remember them? Entered the season with two Cy Young candidates and a roster full of good young players? I had them competing for a wild card, and instead they're going to lose 90-some games.