Wednesday Wangdoodles

Today's links commemorate Kyle Farnsworth, The Greatest Pitcher Who Ever Lived ...
• As someone somewhere noted, if you're going to listen to one bit of audio this year, it should be this one.

• Shortly after Chris Iannetta hit the Rockies' biggest home run of the season Tuesday night, one of the Colorado broadcasters referred to Iannetta as "the forgotten man." Then it happened here, too.

Forgotten? Iannetta, once an excellent prospect, was fantastic last season and seems to be playing pretty well this season, too. Ah, but it's so often a matter of timing. For most of this season, Iannetta's batting average has hovered in the .220- to .230-range, but after it fell to .219 on the 28th of August, manager Jim Tracy seems to have seen enough; since then, Iannetta has started only four games (and in two of those he was lifted for a pinch-hitter).

So, yeah: he's been forgotten for a few weeks, at least by his manager. But if the Rockies don't blow their now-considerable lead in the wild card standings, Iannetta's home run will be remembered for a long time.

• Was Watching's got a great interview with the Chicken, who -- I'm happy to report -- will be back in 2010. I saw him at a game in Portland this summer, and the big fowl's still got it.

• You may have already read about the game-saving catch that wasn't. Well, here's the photographic proof, and you tell me if Clint Barmes really didn't know he hadn't caught the ball.

• Yeah, yeah, yeah ... it's a beautiful shot of the most regal Yankee. But think how much prettier the cover would be, without all those pesky words and such.

• How great are the Mariners defensively? According to Dave Cameron, they're this great.

• How amazing is Phil Hughes, the reliever? Pretty amazing, of course. What's interesting is why he's amazing, and It's About the Money, Stupid's Will Moller has all the grisly details.

• Via JoeSportsFan, when front-row seats are not a good thing.