Tribe had to let Wedge go

Let's Go Tribe! on the (perhaps) too-long-delayed firing of Eric Wedge:

    The decision to do nothing appears even more damning in retrospect. We now know, especially following the trades of Lee and Martinez, that the Indians were operating on a competitive and financial edge not just for this season but for 2010 as well. If this season failed, next season went down with it. The front office knew this by July 1st, which means they should have known it on April 1st. Reviving this season was critical for the trajectory of this franchise. Shapiro should have fired Wedge and whatever coaches he wanted to go with him because it was the only option for saving 2010, as well as salvaging this season.

    I am happy the Indians have fired Wedge. I don't know whether Wedge is a good coach or not, although I think there are probably a lot of better coaches out there. I am not sure what failures are properly assigned to Wedge. The decision to fire Wedge now is the right one, but it is in itself a failure, although it is a failure not of Wedge, but of Shapiro.

Some managers, you can't fire. Joe Girardi, Terry Francona, Mike Scioscia, etc.
A few managers, you have to fire. Cecil Cooper, etc.

Most managers fall somewhere in the middle. You're not going to fire them if the club is winning as many games as it's supposed to. If the club's not winning, it's not hard -- especially for the fans -- to find reasons to fire the guy, particularly if the non-winning has been happening for a while.

The Indians were supposed to win in 2006, but instead went 78-84.

The Indians were supposed to win in 2008, but instead went 81-81.

The Indians were supposed to win in 2009, but instead went 64-92 (so far).

Eventually the losing becomes a force of its own, not necessarily tied to any specific complaints. Could Eric Wedge have convinced Jeremy Sowers and Fausto Carmona to throw more strikes? Seems like a tall order. But losing in Cleveland seems to have become habitual, and that's reason enough.