For Cards, plenty of blame to go around

Yes, with two outs in the bottom of the ninth, Matt Holliday lost a line drive in the lights, and eventually the Cardinals did suffer a crushing loss. Does he really deserve the goat horns, though? Hardly. Dave Cameron:

    But I'd suggest that Cardinal fans go easy on the poor guy. There's plenty of blame to go around, and Holliday's not the one most at fault for the loss.
    Yes, if Holliday catches the ball, the game is over. But even after the drop, the Cardinals still had an 87% chance of winning the game. Ryan Franklin then took that 87% percent probability and flushed it down the toilet. Walk, single, walk, single, ballgame. Holliday put one guy on base. Franklin put four guys on base. It takes some kind of perverse twisting of the facts to think that Holliday was more responsible for the loss than Franklin.


    It's easy to say that if he would have caught the ball, the team would have won. While true, it also ignores everything that went before and after that play. Matt Holliday didn't lose the game for the Cardinals – it was a team effort.

Ryan Franklin had four chances to get a third out, and four times he failed. I'll bet that Franklin knows he blew the game every bit as much as Holliday. Now the rest of us just have to figure that out, too.