Opening Day observations, part 1

Opening Day means everything, it means nothing. Ten random thoughts so far:

1. Curtis Granderson with a nice opener for the Yankees, especially for a guy who was questionable with an oblique (as they would say in football). He's hitting eighth. Remind me again why didn't I pick the Yankees to make the playoffs?

2. Jason Heyward hitting sixth for the Braves: Ridiculous. You don't bat your best hitter sixth, that I know.

3. Livan Hernandez, one of the ultimate survivors in baseball history. He has more career innings pitched than Pedro Martinez.

4. I heart Joey Votto.

5. Ryan Braun was a popular MVP candidate in our SweetSpot poll. I won't disagree.

6. The Angels don't know if Peter Bourjos will hit, but he can run them down in center field. Angels have a long history of great defensive center fielder -- Gary Pettis (maybe the best non-Andruw Jones CFer of the past 25 years), Devon White (who was traded to the Blue Jays for Junior Felix and Luis Sojo ... ugh), Jim Edmonds and Darin Erstad. I have to do a post on that some time: Which team has the best history of defensive stars at one position?

7. The Tigers should invest $75,000 and hire Miguel Cabrera a personal chef to introduce him to green, leafy vegetables and skim milk.

8. My first Joba Chamberlain mention of 2011 (just for you, Philbrick): If he's "back," that bullpen is scary good.

9. Luke Hochevar starting for the Royals. I wrote about bad Opening Day starters on Wednesday, but I actually sort of, kind of, like him to have a decent season.

10. With all the attention given to Zack Greinke and Shaun Marcum, nobody has talked much about the Milwaukee bullpen, but it was only 12th in NL in ERA in 2010, and I'm not sure John Axford is for real. As I write this the Reds are down 6-3 but the first three batters reached to start the bottom of the ninth ...

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