Matt Holliday out; Allen Craig should play

Has any team had a worse spring than the Cardinals?

HollidayHollidayFirst, Adam Wainwright goes down for the year. Albert Pujols goes unsigned. The team loses a tough opener on a blown save and some Little League defense.

Now Matt Holliday is out indefinitely after an appendectomy. He shouldn't be out that long -- San Francisco outfielder Andres Torres had one in September and missed only 11 days.

The Cardinals could plug in Allen Craig, a 26-year-old second-year player who has consistently bashed in the minors (.320/.389/.549 batting average/on-base percentage/slugging percentage last year in Triple-A). They also have Jon Jay, who hit .300 as a rookie last season but tailed off after a hot start.

Craig is the better hitter with more power, and after Jay's miscue in right field on Opening Day, I'm not sure Tony La Russa will be too eager to push him into the lineup. Craig deserves a shot and is the perfect type of short-term solution that good teams have ready on the bench.