Phillies make room for Bruntlett

Crashburn Alley's Bill Baer on the Phillies' roster and an awfully odd decision:

    The Phillies set their NLCS roster and starting rotation, and just about everything is the same, except:

    Chan Ho Park is in

    Brett Myers is out

    Eric Bruntlett is in

    Kyle Kendrick is out

    I can understand adding Chan Ho Park to the roster, and I can understand taking Kyle Kendrick off, but why — why?! — is Bruntlett on the roster and Myers is off?

    Considering that Miguel Cairo is still on the roster — a spot he earned with his performance at the end of the regular season — there is no need for Eric Bruntlett, a lite-version of Cairo, if you will. The Dodgers are also lefty-heavy with Clayton Kershaw, Randy Wolf, Hong-Chih Kuo, and George Sherrill. Bruntlett has hit for a .648 OPS this season and .738 over his career.

    John Mayberry, meanwhile, had an .831 OPS in limited playing time this season and .849 over his Minor League career ... There is absolutely no reason why Eric Bruntlett should be on the NLCS roster.

Eric Bruntlett's line, 2007-2009: .215/.295/.279.

Frankly, it's very difficult to imagine that a hitter like Bruntlett deserves a spot on anyone's roster in October, ever. Perhaps if the Phillies needed a utility infielder ... but of course they don't, because they've got Cairo and anyway it's not like they'll ever pinch-hit for their second baseman or their shortstop.

This move isn't nearly as significant as the Dodgers giving two starts to Vicente Padilla instead of Randy Wolf. But it sure does seem like the Phillies are throwing away a roster spot.