Friday Filberts

Today's links were saved at the last moment by a nifty bit of line-drive-inducing relief work from Brad Lidge ...

  • I'm sure I've asked this question before, but ... Why aren't contemporary photographs beautiful like this?

  • Listen up, Andrew Friedman, because John Romano has solved all your problems: Just be smarter than Theo Epstein!

  • It's true: Nick Punto is actually a pretty good baseball player!

  • Nice history lesson about the Angels when they were really in Los Angeles.

  • Nobody's yet figured out for sure why they call the bullpen "the bullpen." But Mental Floss presents six theories to chew on.

  • As Kevin Roderick notes, the Los Angeles media is absolutely relishing this prospective battle for the Dodgers between Frank and Jamie McCourt (according to Bill Plaschke, both were accompanied by their lawyers to Game 1). What does it mean for the franchise, though? I don't have any idea yet.

  • Yes, we probably make a bit too much of the lateness of these October games, and you can hardly blame the principals for wanting as many eyeballs as possible. Would it really kill anyone to show one World Series game on a Saturday afternoon, though? For, you know, the youngsters?

  • Mike Silva revisits the Bobby Abreu's Hall of Fame case. Tough reaching Cooperstown when you've never finished higher than 14th in MVP balloting (though he may do better than that this year). He might get some extra credit for not being accused of juicing, but that seems like a leap of faith to me.

  • Speaking of Abreu, supposedly the Angels have offered him a two-year contract extension worth about $16 million. Presumably that's not their final offer and they will go a bit higher. But it'll be interesting to see if they'll stick to their guns with something reasonable. Considering their financial resources, they don't really have to.