Links: All-time tall and short teams

Our friends at The Platoon Advantage waxed poetic the other day about Royals reliever Tim Collins, prompting them to come up with the all-time all-tall team and the all-time all-short team. It's not just a list of the tallest (or shortest) players, because they went position-by-position. For example, who is the best tall shortstop or second baseman ever? Read on!

Other links to check out

  • It's About the Money takes a look at 2011 payrolls. The Yankees (shocker!) are No. 1, followed by the Phillies (the new bully on the block), Red Sox, Angels (surprising) and White Sox (just ahead of the Cubs). These payrolls are from USA Today, which calculates based only on Opening Day rosters, so the Mets' figure ($118.8 million) doesn't include the $12 million for Oliver Perez or the $6.25 million for Luis Castillo. The Rays are next-to-last; no wonder they're 0-5!

  • Gordon Edes writes on another Red Sox loss. Will fans boo when the Red Sox return home?

  • Don't miss Jim Caple's fun look at rejected MLB promotions.

  • Eric Karabell checks out Wednesday's action, including Brian Wilson's 2011 debut, in Box Score Bits.Insider

  • Joe Torre on Mike & Mike discussing his new role for MLB, instant replay and the Red Sox.

  • Tim Kurkjian also on Mike & Mike talking about the Red Sox and other baseball stuff.

  • Buster Olney sends in a video on Michael Pineda and what he means for the Mariners.

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