A quick rant against the cycle

OK, I know the cycle is a fun, freak thing that happens a few times a season.

But I get annoyed when announcers say, "And all he needs for the cycle is a triple!" And all the Mariners need is Joey Votto, Hanley Ramirez and Josh Hamilton and they'd have a shot at the playoffs. Yet this happens every single time a player has a single, double and home run.

It annoys me that somebody who hits for the cycle will get a big headline, but somebody who hits two home runs, a double and a single will get ignored.

So for one day at least, Sam Fuld is my favorite player in the major leagues.

A New Hampshire native playing in front of a large throng of family and friends at Fenway Park, Fuld had homered, tripled and doubled when he stepped to the plate in the ninth inning for the Rays. He lined the ball into the left-field corner. He could have stopped at first and completed his cycle. Instead, he hustled for a double. One writer wrote that it would have been better if Fuld had stopped. His teammates were razzing him from the dugout. Even though he had a better game than if he had stopped at first base.

Tampa Bay manager Joe Maddon tweeted, "Speaks to Sam's integrity that he didn't stop at 1st to get the cycle in the 9th. Its what he's all about."

I'm with Joe. So thank you, Sam, for not stopping. You made my day.