Podcast: Mauer, Tulo, A-Gone, replay


I filled in on Friday's Baseball Today podcast for Eric, hosting with Friday regular Mark Simon. Let's just say it's not every podcast that references Lenny Sakata, the Corn Palace in South Dakota and Travis Hafner's hometown. We also discuss:

  • Joe Mauer heads to the DL, culminating a bad day for the Twins.

  • Troy Tulowitzki is on fire. Is he the one guy you'd start a team with right now?

  • Instant replay: Pros and cons to expanding its role.

  • Adrian Gonzalez's big, new contract. How does it affect Albert Pujols?

  • Cliff Lee's great game and an interesting comparison with Sandy Koufax.

  • Simon says: Correcting an error on Jason Varitek and Roger Maris, best players from North and South Dakota.

  • Mailbag, a look ahead to the best of the weekend, birthdays and Jackie Robinson Day.