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Friday, October 30, 2009
Pedro in too long?

We talked about Pedro Martinez quite a bit before Game 2, and quite a bit during Game 2. After Game 2, though? Well, Bob Ford is still talking about Pedro. I'm just not sure why ...It's not pointless because of Manuel's commitment to riding Pedro as far as he could; that's a really silly thing to commit to, anyway. It's pointless because no manager would have yanked Pedro before the seventh inning, and before the seventh inning the Yankees had already scored more runs than the Phillies would in nine innings. Sure, we all thought of Grady Little in the seventh inning, when Pedro gave up a couple of hits. But the Yankees wound up scoring just one run and, again, they didn't even need that run.

As I wrote immediately after the game, while there was plenty of room for second-guessing at the time, none of the questionable decisions seemed to have much impact on the outcome. This was first a players' game, and then an umpires' game -- more about that later, probably -- and only then a managers' game.