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Monday, May 4, 2009
O's giving up on Pie?

According to Jeff Zrebiec, Felix Pie's days as the Orioles' every-day left fielder seem to be numbered ...
It's 54 at-bats, and it's now .167 in 22 games.

That's pretty awful, of course. But really, it's much worse because this isn't Pie's first shot. Add in his two seasons with the Cubs, and Pie's history in the majors now includes 348 plate appearances and a startling .213/.278/.315 line. He's no longer some fresh-faced rookie; not with all that playing time and a 24th birthday a few months ago. After 348 plate appearances, you want to see something from a guy who's been profiled as an every-day player and, just maybe, a future star.

The "problem" is that Pie, in three Triple-A stints, posted a .300/.353/.478 line, and most of the time he was one of the younger players in the league. You can't give up on a guy like that. Not after 54 at-bats, nor after 348 plate appearances.

How many more chances do you give him? I don't know, exactly. What I do know is that in Brady Anderson's first three seasons, his line was .216/.305/.301 in nearly a thousand plate appearances. He was awful in his fourth season, too. And he was significantly older than Pie, without the Triple-A credentials.

I don't mean to suggest that Pie is going to someday hit 50 homers in one season, or play in the majors until he's 38. But the Orioles didn't give up on Brady Anderson when he was 27, and they shouldn't give up on Felix Pie when he's 24. Especially not in a vain pursuit of fourth place.