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Friday, May 8, 2009
Pulling the plug on Bonifacio

Dave Cameron on a roster move you might have missed:
I should note that Coghlan is not considered the top prospect in the organization (he's a tad old for that); before the season Baseball America had him as the team's No. 9 prospect. I think what Cameron meant is that Coghlan is a top prospect.

Anyway, do you realize how far Bonifacio has fallen? (I didn't, until I checked.)

As you might recall, in the Marlins' first game this season, Bonifacio hit a home run, collected three singles and stole three bases. He was, for a day, the toast of the National League. In his first seven games, he batted .485 and radio hosts were asking me if this guy was for real (you might easily imagine my answer).

Bonifacio's line since those first seven games: .165/.224/.176.

Bonifacio's season line: .250/.295/.306 -- practically dead even with his career line (which now encompasses 345 plate appearances in the majors).

Honestly, when you enter a season with a player like Bonifacio in your lineup, you're just throwing games away. The Marlins are not generally a stupid franchise. So exactly how and why does something like this happen?