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Thursday, January 21, 2010
Which Pineiro are Angels getting?

Why was Joel Pineiro good last year? Halos Heaven is blunt (and true) about it:

Well, everything's going to rise this year. He's going to give up more walks, and he's also going to give up more than 11 home runs, because even super-sinkerballers usually give up more than 11 home runs and he's going to be facing DH's in most of his starts.

But Pineiro has become a different sort of pitcher. My concern wouldn't be for the quality of his pitching (though even a 4.00 ERA is probably a bit optimistic); my concern would be for the quantity. Pineiro threw 214 innings for the Cardinals last season. That was the first time he'd thrown 200 innings in a season since 2003. In the five intervening seasons, he averaged 148 innings.

If he pitches 400 innings over these next two seasons with a 4.50 ERA he'll be worth the $16 million. I'm just not sure about the 400 innings.