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Wednesday, February 3, 2010
Did Manny consider opting out? Not really

Craig Calcaterra is amused by a report that Manny Ramirez considered opting out of his $20 million deal this season with the Dodgers:


Hey, yesterday I considered renouncing my BBWAA membership, throwing open the doors of my home, and jumping into an empty box car, never to be heard from again.

Two seconds later, I remembered how much I enjoy my work, and how much I enjoy getting paid every two weeks.

So I don't doubt that Manny considered just about anything. What's laughable is the notion that he would actually have done it. Manny being Manny is one thing, but Manny chucking $10 million is quite another.

I share Craig's skepticism about the Dodgers, who have lost Randy Wolf and Orlando Hudson and essentially replaced them with James McDonald and Blake DeWitt (and/or Ronnie Belliard). That's probably a net loss. On the other hand, the Dodgers have some room to fall. They won 95 games last season, with the run differential of a 99-win team.

I'll be surprised if they win 95 games again. But they probably won't need to.