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Thursday, February 11, 2010
Royals turn to alchemy

Yes, the Royals are going to see if Kyle Farnsworth can start. And yes, everyone (including me) has already mocked them for it. But hold on a minute. According to Dave Cameron, this is so crazy it just might work:

Cameron's right: the Royals should be applauded, if only for the original thought. I'll ask you, has anyone else suggested that Farnsworth try to pitch six innings every five days?

Now, here's why I'm skeptical:

1. The Dempster comparison is interesting, but before Dempster was a power reliever, he was a starter and once pitched in an All-Star Game. In Farnsworth's 26 career starts, a long time ago, he went 6-11 with a 5.81 ERA. Granted, he might not have been throwing the two-seamer then.

2. In a related note, there's no particular reason to think Farnsworth can maintain his stuff for more than an inning or two. We all know that pitchers throw harder when they don't have to pace themselves. Last year he was throwing his four-teamer at 96 and his two-seamer at 90. Can he be effective if those numbers drop to 92 and 87? And without any changeup to speak of?

3. It's the Royals. They're better at turning gold into lead than lead into gold.

Obviously, I hope I'm wrong. It would be a great story, and I'll be thrilled to write it.