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Friday, May 22, 2009
Pavano not among Tribe's problems

What's wrong with the Indians? You might look at Carl Pavano's ERA and say, "Carl Pavano's wrong with the Indians." But as Dave Cameron writes, you would be wrong ...
Funny thing about Pavano: Entering the season, I figured that he was their biggest question mark; their biggest gamble. ERA aside, the gamble's paid off brilliantly ... and yet the Indians have the worst record in the American League and probably rank as the most disappointing team in the majors.

The lesson here -- aside from the fact that ERA can be terribly deceptive, especially this early in the season -- is that while we spend a great deal of energy in the offseason trying to identify specific reasons why a team might or might not win, each team has so many moving parts that any specific thing can easily be overwhelmed by other things. In this case, Pavano's pitching is overwhelmed by Jhonny Peralta and Grady Sizemore not hitting, by Travis Hafner not playing, and by any number of high ERAs -- gotten the old-fashioned way -- among Pavano's staff mates.