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Tuesday, May 26, 2009
Padres streak while Giles slumps

Good stuff from Tom Krasovic in a recent Padres notebook: I was going to write something here about Krasovic being a great example of a BBWAA member who's come to appreciate the new(ish) metrics, but then I came across this interview and realized that he's been sabermetrics-friendly for quite some time now. Which I should have known already (or remembered). For all our talk about the dinosaurs in the print media, it's incumbent upon us to recognize the good work -- whether sabermetrics-friendly or not -- that's still being done at dozens of newspapers around the country.

Anyway ... Saturday, Giles doubled and walked. Sunday, he didn't play. Yesterday, he pinch-hit and doubled. Are those more of those "signs" that Bud Black was seeing? Perhaps. Giles is 38 and last season was a bit of a fluke, but there's simply no reason to think he's not still a pretty good hitter, down deep inside.

This is an interesting bit, too:

Boras is full of it, of course. But buried deep within his bloviating is the kernel of a pretty good question ... It's one thing to discuss trading a player with a no-trade clause ... But must the clubs be so public about their discussions? I suspect that Peavy and his family will, within the confines of their palatial home and (presumably) their gated community and their access to private jets, will somehow survive their peril and their great emotional distress. Boras overstates his case, because that's what he does. But you have to wonder if it's completely fair for the Padres to have put him that uncomfortable position.