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Wednesday, March 10, 2010
"Floating" realignment interesting, impractical

Ah, a new meme: "floating" realignment. Let's enjoy it while we can, because it probably won't last long. Tom Verducci has the juicy details:

A radical idea isn't wrong simply because it's radical.

That said, it's not easy to imagine this working.

It's one thing to suggest that the Indians will volunteer to join the American League East and lose more games, and that the Orioles will volunteer to join the American League Central and lose the boffo box office that comes with playing all those games against the Yankees and Red Sox.

It's another thing entirely to suggest that those teams will volunteer to do those things at the same time. And that they'll volunteer to do those things well before the season in question (because Major League Baseball can't wait, for example, until after the 2010 season to draw up the divisions and the schedules for 2011).

Theoretically speaking, it's easy to come up with a system that would temporary facilitate the rebuilding efforts of some clubs and the contending efforts of others. Practically speaking, there are time and space considerations that would make implementation a full-time (and thankless) job for a few dozen well-paid Ivy Leaguers. At best.

And as Maury Brown notes, there's yet yet another to be heard from:

We might quibble with that characterization of Selig as a "purist," considering the radical changes he's wrought. I believe that if someone came up with a practical plan for realignment that would guarantee higher revenues for Selig's employers, he might support it. I just don't believe that practical plan is going to be found.