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Monday, March 15, 2010
Nomar's deal speaks well of Red Sox

After quoting ethicist Jack Marshall's take on Nomar's one-day contract with the Red Sox, Craig relates a moment from the ensuing press conference:

Technically, it's been some time since Garciaparra was employed by the Red Sox. They didn't how much (if anything), and if they'd asked Nomar to wait a few years before a public rapprochement, plenty of fans and most of the local writers wouldn't have complained.

But snubbing Garciaparra would have accomplished what, exactly?


There is some upside (good feelings) right now, and zero downside. If you think about it, of course the Red Sox did the right thing. And what's more impressive, they seem to have done it reflexively, instinctively. Leaving such nebulous labels as "right" and "wrong" aside, that's just the mark of a fine organization.