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Tuesday, March 23, 2010
Mauer's contract about Twins, not 'baseball'

Chris Ruddick on the best news of the week (so far):
Yes. It's a big deal. As we've already said, it's not abundantly clear that the Yankees would have engaged in a bidding war, if given a chance. As we haven't said (but might have), there's not a great deal of difference between $184 million and "over $200 million" (if we assume it wouldn't have much over $200 million).

I honestly don't know if it's good for the game. I think it's probably good for the Twins, and their fans. I think it's probably good for the diehards like me and you, because a game where the Yankees can't simply buy the best players is a more interesting game. But usually when someone's talking about the good of "the game," they're not talking about me and you; they're talking about attendance and revenues, most of which are driven by casual fans and corporations ... and I haven't yet seen any evidence to suggest that casual fans or corporations are particularly bothered by the Yankees' payroll.