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Tuesday, March 23, 2010
A year later, A's still in limbo

Did you hear the news about the possible relocation of the Athletics? If not, don't worry; the news isn't new:
Perhaps. But "expeditiously as possible" can mean whatever you like.

As Craig writes, it's now been a year since Selig formed his committee ...
They could, and I suspect that they have. A handful of people could also fix Social Security and Medicare, too. I mean that quite seriously. A dozen reasonably informed people could come up with changes that would keep both programs in clover for decades to come, with no meaningful impact on anyone's actual health or general happiness.

I'm very serious about this. It really is that simple.

Ah, but the politics. Change is scary, and politicians love to scare the bejeebers out of gullible, ignorant citizens (of whom there are many millions).

Well, it's sort of the same thing in baseball. It should be 29-to-1; you can hardly blame the Giants for wanting to keep the A's out of San Jose. But it's not 29-to-1, because some of the other clubs are afraid of setting a precedent, and also because the Giants (presumably) have some favors they can call in. And despite the impression you might sometimes get, Bud Selig can't just do whatever he likes.

It's been a year (and counting) not because Selig's committee can't come up with a reasonable recommendation regarding the future of the Athletics. It's because Selig knows what that recommendation is (or will be), but hasn't yet been able to garner the support from enough owners to implement the recommendation.

This situation will be resolved, eventually. But there's still a great deal of horse-trading and arm-twisting to be done, and the Commissioner's no longer a young man.