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Friday, May 29, 2009
Manny Ramirez, All-Star?

Are we really going to see Manny Ramirez in the All-Star Game this summer? We might. Should we? Manny's manager doesn't think so ...
I like Joe Torre, but he's got this completely backwards.

I mean, from the "baseball aspect?" Really?

From the baseball aspect, Manny Ramirez belongs in the All-Star Game. The fans vote for their favorite baseball players, plus the All-Star Game has traditionally been reserved for the best baseball players. Granted, there's often space for players having the best seasons and for players who are neither great nor having a great season, but happen to play for a team that's bereft of talent. Still, there would be little argument if Ramirez were voted to the National League team despite missing 50 games with a baseball injury.

This isn't about baseball, though. It's about drugs and cheating. And I'm sorry because I'm not generally one to moralize, but a player who's been suspended for 50 games for cheating simply doesn't belong in the All-Star Game. No way, no how. I know the commissioner's hands are often tied by the players' association, but this really shouldn't even be an issue. There should be a rule, something like this, already: Any player suspended, due to violation of Major League Baseball's drug policy, shall be ineligible for the next All-Star Game.

Baby simple, and completely appropriate. Yes, it's too late to do anything about Manny. And, yes, someone should have thought of this a long time ago. But we shouldn't ever have to deal with this question again.