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Friday, April 10, 2009
Keith Woolner 'speaks'

Keith Woolner speaks (and I recommend the whole interview, for sure) ... That's exactly it. I'm sure there's a set career path upon which a wise 16-year-old might embark, and wind up working for the New York Yankees eight years later. What's different between now and, say, 10 years ago is that a 16-year-old has any number of examples to follow. But the key is the passion, first. Best-selling novelists don't start out wanting to make a million dollars; they start out wanting to tell a good story. It's the same with working in baseball; or more specifically, with working in baseball operations and doing objective analysis. You have to love the game and the work first, because only the love might carry you through the dead ends and the rejection letters and (if you're lucky) the pitiable wages. Another always-popular topic: I agree 100 percent. It's not silly to consider that perspective. It's just silly to value that perspective as highly as 76.4 percent of the Hall of Fame voters did last winter. And as I've mentioned at least a few times already, when Rice was first eligible for the Hall of Fame in 1995 -- the single year in which the contemporary views were most fresh in the minds of the voters -- Rice got 29.8 percent support. So now I'm left wondering exactly what "contemporary" means.