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Thursday, June 4, 2009
Francona wonders who wrote 'book'

When is a controversy not a controversy? How about Wednesday night when Gerald Laird tried to break up a no-hitter by laying down a bunt in the sixth inning? Laird's bunt went foul, Beckett finally gave up a hit in the seventh and then he plunked Laird in the eighth. Ian Browne and Jason Beck on the "controversy:" I love Bob Brenly (as a broadcaster), but eight years ago -- it was actually May 26, not 27 -- I ripped him pretty good for his comments about Ben Davis' bunt single. The score was 2-0; Schilling's Diamondbacks and Davis' Padres were tied for first place. Davis wasn't supposed to do anything he could do, to win? Preposterous. As I wrote at the time.

But my intent today isn't to revisit Brenly's ill-considered comments from so long ago. My intent is to highlight Terry Francona's well-considered comments. Seems like every time the guy opens his mouth, I've got yet another reason to love him, too. Not as a manager, necessarily. Just as, you know, a guy.