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Thursday, April 8, 2010
M's add reliever, drop fifth outfielder

Stinks to be Ryan Langerhans today. Geoff Baker:

Dave Cameron isn't happy:

I agree with all of this except the last bit. A major league organization -- an organization that's been widely lauded for its baseball acumen -- has told Sweeney that he's still plenty good enough to help a contending team.

I have a rule. I never, never, never ever blame a player for wanting to play, or for playing if a baseball team tells him he's good enough to play. Figuring whether he's among the 800 best players in North America (which means he's good enough for a roster spot) or merely among the 1,000 best (which means he might not be) just isn't a player's job. Even if it were his job, he's the least-qualified man on the planet to make that judgment.

I've never been as impressed with Langerhans as Cameron was, and anyway Langerhans became somewhat extraneous once the M's signed Byrnes. Sure, a Langerhans/Byrnes platoon might have been decent enough, with Milton Bradley DHing. Or without Bradley, and Junior and Sweeney platooning at DH. But that decision was made a long time ago, and it's probably time to let go -- at least until the M's fall short of the playoffs by two or three wins. If that happens, we can revisit all of the questionable decisions made last winter.