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Thursday, April 29, 2010
Was Matt Kemp really loafing in center field?

More on the Colletti/Kemp Affair, and Memories of Kevin Malone's takes have been both on-point and delicious.

But what started all this? In the ol' mailbag I found this, from the estimable Gabriel Schechter:
I went back and looked at the three plays in question, the two triples and Blanco's first-to-third dash:

I see three possibilities here:

One, we're imagining things.

Two, we're not imagining things but Kemp was fatigued, or nursing an injury.

Three, we're not imagining things and Kemp simply wasn't giving his best effort.

It's Ned Colletti's job to know which of these is right. I don't know that it's Colletti's job to express his opinion on the radio. Sure, maybe Kemp could use some motivation. But is Colletti the man for that job? Joe Torre's a future Hall of Fame manager who makes roughly $4 million per season to do things exactly like motivating young players who occasionally forget to run hard.

Hey, I could be completely wrong about this. Maybe Colletti has some real insights into human nature and knows exactly what he's doing. Just seems to me like a strange way to run the store.