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Friday, May 7, 2010
For Cubs, a revolution at shortstop

Wow. I didn't see this one coming, at all.

No, the Cubs aren't panicking. Not at all.

Here's what I wrote about Castro a few months ago (riffing on Bryan Smith's comparison of Castro to Garry Templeton):

Theriot's doing really well. Fontenot's not doing so well; that .296 batting average is almost completely empty. Still, Fontenot might be forgiven for wondering "Why me?" when Derrek Lee's hitting like a shortstop and Aramis Ramirez is hitting like a Double-A shortstop.

Look, the Cubs need to get younger. Aside from 27-year-old Geovany Soto, the youngest every-day Cub is Fontenot, who turns 30 next month. I don't know if Castro's better than Fontenot right now, but if not he will be soon.

I just don't understand why now, when Castro: 1) hasn't played a single Triple-A game yet; and 2) gets an early start on his arbitration clock. Does he really improve the Cubs' postseason chances so much that they can't wait just a few more weeks?